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Joined: 7th Nov 2014
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7th Nov 2014

So running a server is difficult and expensive for me.
I need loyal helpful players, and money,
QuoteWHEN DONATING: Use paypal comment like this "SteamID:  Username:  Rank Wanted"
I will then add you asap

Donation information:

Respected: $10
-Allows you to start votes 
-Allows you to votekick
-Fancy Server Rank
-10% off all pointshop items
+2,500 ACoins for pointshop

Donator Rank: $25
-Allows you to start votes 
-Allows you to vote kick
-Allows you to start map votes
-Allows you to Teleport
-Fancy Server Rank
--25% off pointshop items
+7,500 Acoins for point shop

VIP: $50 
-All Donator and respected perks
-Allows you to kick
-Allows you to ban
-Allows you to gag
-Reserved slot
-Will be included in admin events
+25,000 Acoins for pshop

Duke: $100
-Vip perks
+100,000 Acoins for pshop

Superadmin: $200
-Every last command on earth
Forum » Forums » Rank Applications (Member,Operator,etc)
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